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Ads Manager by Siropu

Screenshots of my powerfull Ads Manager Add-on.

Siropu, Feb 28, 2015
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    • 51463
      Looks like a really feature rich and good add-on.

      #1 You need more pictures of the front end. Which spots you can put ads.

      #2 Let's take an example. The topic of my forum is "General Disscussion"

      Offtopic Forum

      Category 1
      Forum1: Cars

      Category 2
      Forum1: Computers

      Category 3
      Forum1: Kitchen

      Category 4
      Forum1: Shoes

      Category 5
      Forum1: Bikes

      Category 6
      Forum1: Cellphones

      Is it possible to put 12 different ads? I want to put 1 ad in each Category & each Forum

      Category 1 Car Related Ad
      Forum1: Cars Different Car Related Ad

      Category 2 Computer Related Ad
      Forum1: Computers Different ComputerRelated Ad

      Category 3 Kitchen Related Ad
      Forum1: Cars Different Kitchen Related Ad

      Category 4 Shoe Related Ad
      Forum1: Shoes Different Shoe Related Ad

      Category 5 Bike Related Ad
      Forum1: Bikes Different Car Related Ad

      Category 6 Cellphone Related Ad
      Forum1: Cellphones Different CellphoneRelated Ad

      I want to make those ads.

      #3 Would registered members be able to upload there own banners? in any category section or forum section they wanted?

      #4 Is it possible to add some small text that says "click here to advertise" under each ad? For guests or everyone.

      #5 Is it possible to put some ads inside any of the posts? For example. My setting is at 10 posts per Thread. Can i put adds in any of the posts? I would choose i want to put 3 different ads.
      1 ad in the 1st post
      1 ad in the 5th post
      1 ad in the 10th post
      As this add-on.

      except this add-on can't let you choose which post you want the ad in.
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    • Siropu
      1. There are 22 positions available and it allows you to add more. Position list can be found here: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/ads-manager-by-siropu.4090/field?field=faq

      2. The page criteria allows you to target any nodes you want so you can do that very easy.

      3. Yes, they can upload their own banners.
      If you want to sell ads per category/forum you have to create a package for every category or forum you want (using package page criteria). This way you can set a different price based on category/forum.

      4. You can do that by changing the ad template. I think I will add this feature in my next release.

      5. It doesn't support this by default but you can achieve that very easy by adding a new hook to the template and create new position(s) for the post(s) you want. It's very easy and documentation is provided.

      With this method you can place ads after post x, y, z of every thread and you can use the page criteria to target specific nodes.

      This is the cleanest way I could find.
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    • Glockie
      Hello @Siropu I am interested in this for custom ads we have, do you have a live site so we can see a demo of sorts?
      Many thanks and I must say, it looks amazing! :)
    • Siropu
      I don't have a demo site at the moment. I'm glad you think so. I'm currently working on version 1.12.0 which takes Ads Manager to a whole new level... I hope I can finish it this week. :)
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    • AlexanderRhodes
      Does this addon have a feature to avoid showing adverts to particular user groups, and not allowing particular user groups to purchase adverts or even display the pages to them at all?

      Basically wondering if this has a permission management system.
    • Siropu
      @AlexanderRhodes, yes it does. You can even display ads to any group(s) you want using the user criteria of the ad/package settings.
    • pfernand
      How detailed is the geo-tracking? I need to be able to drill down by state, city, zip. Is this possible?
    • Siropu
      At the moment only by country is possible.
    • viper357
      1. Can I as admin control/upload all the banners myself and enter manual expiry dates for each one? Without using the invoicing part of the add-on?

      2. Can you enter more than one email address for the expiry email? I want myself and the advertiser to both get emails about the banner expiring.

      Thank You.
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