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[XTR] Most Reacted Posts - This add-on allow you to add a most reacted posts block for each thread IDs on selected nodes.

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More communities are fighting for users’ attention.
Perhaps it’s because users are now more aware of how effective it has been, so there’s more competition.
Worry not because we’ve come up with the perfect solution for you.

So what is this add-on for?

With this add-on, you can automatically display the most reacted posts in a block.

Which thread posts do best?

Create out in your list of the most reacted posts.

[XTR] Most Reacted...

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XDinc updated [XTR] Most Reacted Posts with a new update entry:

1.0.3 - Changelog

XenForo 2.2.x Compatibility Update
  • Confirm XF 2.2+ support
Note: Please do not upgrade the add-on, if you are using lower than XF 2.2+.
This version only support to XF 2.2+.

What's new on 1.0.3
  • Added sort option for reaction score.
  • Most reacted threads or post on user profile tab permission has been updated. (Users who without x node permission cannot see the most reacted threads or post in that x node on user profile most reacted...

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This resource has been removed and is no longer available. The following reason was provided:
This resource has been deleted by XenForo Ltd. in line with our resource housekeeping criteria.