XF 2.2 XF Returning "Oops!" Error on Multi-Quotes in Firefox

Matthew Hutchinson

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I recently switched back to Firefox after using Chrome for the last several years, and discovered it doesn't seem to play nice with XF when trying to insert multi-quotes. XF returns an "Oops!" error. I tried disabling my FF's pop-up blocker but it didn't help.
We have no such issues here, but we did note that adblockers break a lot of XF functionality. If you have an adblocker, have you tried disabling it?

If not, it could be a style or addon adjustment that is causing the behavior.
I use uBlock Origin, and I did try disabling it before posting, but no dice.

:: brief pause ::

Interesting... My adblocker is enabled here on XF, and I didn't get an error when clicking 'Insert quotes'.

I'll experiment later this evening see if I can better identify the problem.
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