XF 2.2 (RC2) in the "wild" (Live)


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The time has come, we have the RC2 in live mode.
So far, it's been going very well, but what struck me in particular - hence the topic here - is that you developers have also taken care of the topic of mobile style and user-friendliness.

Thank you very much, now it's also fun to use XENForums (=> 2.2) with your mobile phone. Thank you, also for that, well done! (y)


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I've had it live since Beta 3. :)

I'm still on RC1 and it is working just fine. I figure it'll go into a stable release when I'm ready to move to RC2.


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I am still waiting for final release to upgrade my own board, but I am a member on a board (besides this one) that is running RC2 with a whack of add-ons and quite liking it on both desktop and mobile.