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xenMiG Portal [Paid] 1.0.2

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Alluidh submitted a new resource:

xenMiG Portal - Our portal for the XenForo Forum Software

xenMiG is a collaboration between xenDACH, the German XenForo Community, and Monkey Palm Media UG (limited liability company). Together we develop add-ons for XenForo software. The first result of this collaboration is the now appearing xenMiG portal.

In addition to your XenForo forum-software, you are looking for a comprehensive portal with creative freedom? The xenMiG portal could be just the thing for you.

Our portal gives you:
  • A grid-based layout system with multiline...
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Why the resource has been deleted and then fresh re-set again here online minutes later? Because the bad reviews and critical comments are deleted?
What about the reported bugs, for example, the Meta Tag Bug.
Should we now rewrite everything?


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Thanks for the info @Brogan .

So we must list all the unanswered bugs again.

Hell this suxx. The author knows them and may now be answered here finally.


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Hi. I'm very sorry, but the free testing Phase is over. I try to find a solution for testing the latest version.


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Because the company we worked with isn't active I try to get the rights for the sources for an update version to xenforo 2.0
Have talked to the original coder in the last weeks about this goal.