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[xenMade.com] Wiretransfer (WT2)

[xenMade.com] Wiretransfer (WT2) [Paid] 1.0.0

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au lait

Well-known member
au lait submitted a new resource:

[xenMade.com] Wiretransfer (WT2) - Payment module for Wiretransfer

This addon allows you to pay by wiretransfer.
The user receives the bank data, confirmed that he has completed the transfer. And once it has been credited to the account - the subscription can be released.

Upload data, install the product and enter the account information (IBAN/BIC-Swift) in the settings.

An automatic extend from subscriptions is not possible.
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Gene Steinberg

Well-known member
Meaning no recurring payments?

Is this something that might be added?

We offer user upgrades on two of our forums on a subscription basis: weekly, monthly, annually, etc. Obviously for it to work with a wire transfer, we'd have to have a system to initiate a transfer for each renewal period.

Not possible?