XenForo 2.1 - Tradução Português Europeu

XenForo 2.1 - Tradução Português Europeu [Paid] 2.0

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Nuno submitted a new resource:

XenForo 2 - Tradução Português Europeu - XenForo 2 - Tradução Português Europeu

This is the Portuguese European translation for XenForo 2 that will be maintained by me.
The purchase will be made through Paypal which will give you immediate access to download the file.

Please contact me if you find some incorrect or incomplete translation.


Esta é a tradução para Português Europeu para o XenForo 2 que será mantida por mim.
A compra será efetuada através de...

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This resource has been removed and is no longer available. The following reason was provided:
This resource has been deleted by XenForo Ltd. in line with our resource housekeeping criteria.

Joao Prates

Why? What was the criteria for that housekeeping deleting the resource?

I'm having a new problem that did not manifest itself on 2.1 but now occurs in 2.2.

Please take a look at this post, and see if you can figure out what could be happening.



For people using this resource and having problems with 2.2, you need to update the Phrases you_are_using_out_of_date_browser_upgrade and remove the space on the last </a> anchor tag. The current value is something like that </ a> or < /a>