[XD] Disable Get Likes Back

[XD] Disable Get Likes Back 1.0.0

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XDinc submitted a new resource:

[XD] Disable Get Likes Back - Disable get likes back for selected nodes and user groups.

Easy to do, certainly.
Likes are a way of agreeing with a post, to one degree or another.
It's a way to say: "I agree with what he/she said".

I suppose, perhaps.... but I want to keep the option available for the bulk of us who use it for what it's meant for.

Think like this,

You've hidden your content with force to give like reputation. If users liked the post to see content there is no suprise...

But users can get like back and your daily like...

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The concept is interesting, altough I think you can tweak it a bit more like I did, by using javascript to remove the unlike button when they like something. This way they can't unlike even if they don't reload (unless they're good with this stuff).


That's exactly what I'm looking for. But for XF 2.1.1 and there is no Like anymore. Is there an update planned for version 2.1.1. which supports the Ractions?