Wondering if this is a premium theme or custom dev?

Hi guys - prospective Xenforo customer here looking for some help.

I like the theme used on https://www.benzworld.org/ for a few reasons...

1. The homepage is a 'feed' style, which reminds me quite a bit of Reddit. I like that a prospective user can visit the homepage and immediately see a list of topics without needing to click into a sub-forum. (as an additional question - does anyone know if there's a voting module for xenforo that makes it even more like reddit?)

2. I like how well the user sign up module is integrated with google / FB... i.e. the 'continue with Google' and 'continue with Facebook' buttons to reduce sign up friction.

3. The gamification / status around top posters... i.e. showing how many 'points' users have, 'reaction scores', etc.

I'm wondering how much of the above is built in to xenforo and how much is custom fev work? And whether the site I referenced is just a premium theme I can modify?

Also, does xenforo have other gamification modules? Like giving users custom awards / badges, etc.?

It seems to be the theme developed by Verticalscope for their own sites. I doubt it is available to buy.

premium support is built into xenforo and called user upgrades of account upgrades. You should be able to see it in your demo.

The user sees it in their account settings but there is an addon that can present the upgrade options on registering.

All the other features you mention are part of xenforo.

By feed I think you mean new posts which can be a home page. Points system is there. Badges? Users can be promoted to groups based on posts or reactions and groups can be styled eg with a banner Under the avatar.

Voting is possible via polls or individually upvoting or downvoting posts in specific suggestion or question...


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That's not correct.

Ignoring a member will hide their content, which then requires clicking a link to reveal it.
To be fair, I think Mr. Lucky's point is that you can only ignore a user, not specific content. There are days when I would like to ignore certain threads in my Politics forum but can't do that save by ignoring the thread starter (who usually isn't the person causing the problem). Ignoring a user hides all their content, even content you might want to see.