XF 2.2 Welp! New addon has caused serious forum issues

neon tetra

I was trying to install a new add-on today on my xenforo 2.2 forum which ended up with a lot of issues.

First it displayed an error: One or more add-ons currently have actions pending and may be in an inconsistent state. Because of this, some errors may be suppressed and unexpected behavior may occur. If this does not change shortly, please contact the add-on author for guidance.

While trying to fix that, the forum went down and I had to disable all addons from config.php to have ACP access again. Had to delete the troublesome addon from the DB and now while the site is back up, I am having issues displaying the text editor to post replies/drop down menus (like alerts, profile options or other navigation sub-forums etc.). Same is happening in ACP where the search box is not appearing when clicking on the search icon on top right or the sub-menus don't appear on the left sidebar when I click on the down arrow.

Screen Shot 2020-12-24 at 7.11.31 PM.png