Wanted: Need some graphics work done, need some existing logos reworked to be adapative icon friendly


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With XF 2.2 coming up soon with PWA support I need to get some logos reworked so that the PWA graphics are adaptive icon friendly.

Background reading if you're not familiar with adaptive icons: https://web.dev/maskable-icon/


There will be 3 different graphics that will need to be created. The graphics to be used as the source will be provided.

The deliverables will be to use the provided graphics to create adaptive friendly icons on a background like the 'good example' above. The graphics should be resizable so that they are 'clean' without any jaggies. You can cheat a bit and create the different sizes here.

(Yeah, yeah, I know.... I could likely just go on Fiverr to get this done but I figured if there's anybody in the XF community who has the experience to do it and is looking for a few extra bucks I should start here. :) ).