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So back in the 90s during high school and college I was REALLY into the band Līve. I even created a Geocities fan site for them and that's how I got first involved into creating websites as a hobby.

I recently heard an ad for the band on the radio that they were playing nearby here in SoCal so I went to go see them and had a great time. Afterwards, I checked the current status of fan sites for the band and they were pretty limited. Just Facebook groups (which I don't like) and a site using forum software from 2005 which had some activity but unfortunately was completely unusable on mobile. So I decided to bring it full circle and use my present day web building skills to make a new fan site for the band.

@Russ from PixelExit did an AMAZING custom style for the site. It also has @Bob 's Item Management System (IMS) built as a database of their full music catalog that one can rate and review and of course his Article Management System (AMS) for articles. @Siropu 's keyword linking is also in use.

It's been a fun project.

Please let me know what you think! :) And if you're a fan of the band sign up.

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Someone using a 2005 forum doesn't seem very interested in the forum itself...
Or they're not very techy and don't want to go through the hassle and costs on a site that doesn't make any money. 🤷‍♂️

(I don't plan on making any money off of my site either - purely for the fun - wouldn't feel right profiting off the band anyways)

But this thread is completely off track to let's circle back to the topic at hand.
Getting users to start writing in a forum in 2023 is really difficult if not impossible.
If I were you I would contact the admin of the old forum and try to ask him if he would be interested in giving it to you (or selling it to you at a low price)...
It is likely that seeing your site done well, he understands that it is the best thing...
I did so with my last forum.
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