XF 2.2 User title ladder - all fields empty, can't save new entries


i tried to translate the "user title ladder" phrases at [....]/admin.php?user-title-ladder/.
After i saved the new "titles", they went back to the english standard titles.

Than i tried to "update user titles" with the button right under the titles ... what deleted all titles!

Now there are all titles deleted, and i can't add new titles!


How can i get the titles back?
Insering a new title and save it, didn't work! After saving, the titles are empty.

kr Chris


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No issues here.

Ensure the value fields are different for each title you are adding - you can't have two with the same value.


got it!
The first time, after i edited the list, i clicked the SAVE-Button. But nothing happend.
Directly after this action, i clicked the "Update"-Button, what deleted all phrases!

Now i first have to set a new title, click "update", enter the next line, click "update" ... .
After all titles are "updated", i can save the titles!