Use content-check to wrap the non-sticky thread list container in the forum_view template.


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This is to cope with the situation that some sitemasters might want a border line between sticky threads and unsticky threads.
This can simply be done by LESS:
        .structItemContainer-group {
            &.structItemContainer-group--sticky:not(:last-child) {
                border-bottom: @xf-borderSizeMinorFeature solid @xf-borderColorCalm;

However, it has an issue that the border still exists even if a forum has only sticky threads left, leading to the necessities of adding a contentcheck to the non-sticky thread list container. By dong so: if there's only sticky thread left, then the sticky thread list container becomes the last-child.

// I have a concern that whether this will introduce a potential bug to XF, unless XF 2.2.x forum_view doesn't auto-update the thread list contents when new threads are posted by others.

The change to the forum_view template looks like this:
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