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After trying to delete a thread from within phpMyAdmin and making a new thread with the same ID (I needed the author to be different), I'm getting a 403 server error on all URL to this particular thread ID that was used before the DB record deletion.

To be clearer, supposing that my old thread was change-password.2/ and then the new one is edit-avatar.2/, I'm getting redirection to edit-avatar.2/ with any URLs pointing to thread_id 2 except for change-password.2/.
By the way, I got the 403 error straight after hitting the "Post Thread" button, after deleting the old one in the DB.

I've talked to Siteground (which is my provider) techincal support, but they can't see anything on the server and I've been told to look into the software code. 🤨
Can't believe this could be possible... it's a bloody server error!!! 🤬

So... considering this dumb reply could be a "don't want to look deeper" response, is there any way that XenForo manages thread redirection, I could look into?
Can't find any reference to "change-password" thread title inside the database... Anything else I could do to fix this stupid issue by myself?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I know... never-try-to-put-my-hands-on-database anymore after this... 🤷‍♂️
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El Porcharo

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I've just found out that ANY thread_id that is going to be titled like "Change password" will get a 403 error on change-password.*/ URL 😰

This is going to be a huge problem then! 😭

El Porcharo

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Alright, this is the reply from my hosting tech support:
I have checked the server error log and I can confirm that there are no entries registered about the 403 error. Please note that, while usually a 403 error is returned by the server software (apache), sometimes the web applications have been coded to return specific HTTP response codes depending on their execution.

What I'm trying to say here is that the 403 error is returned dynamically by the website itself and it is not returned by Apache since it is not registered in the Apache error log.

As a side note, you can check the server error log from:

- cPanel -> Error Log

Of course, I checked the error log directly from the source file, but once again, no errors were registered.
Can someone tell if this is fixable or not? 😞


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I'll have to let someone else help you fix that, but in the future there are easier ways to go about changing a thread author, such as :