The Missing Floppies - Covering Sierra and LucasArts' game engines

Eric Oakford

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My site, The Missing Floppies, is named after the mythical Leisure Suit Larry 4 (the franchise skipped directly from 3 to 5... it's a long story).

The site covers technical information and things I have personally discovered during my decompilation project of Sierra and LucasArts games. With a proper decompilation in hand, I can conclusively confirm or bust myths regarding the games. The site will also serve as the go-to solution for resources relating to the AGI, SCI, and SCUMM game engines, thanks to the XenForo Resource Manager.

The Missing Floppies


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My first game ever was Kings Quest I on a PC Jr. And the first 2 monkey islands are the best ever and same with maniac mansion 2.