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[TH] Unread Categories

[TH] Unread Categories 1.0.0a

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Jon W

Well-known member
Waindigo submitted a new resource:

Unread Categories by Waindigo - Alerts are user about new posts since they last viewed specified categories.

This add-on automatically alerts all users to new posts made in specified categories since they last viewed the category page.

Categories can be specified in the Admin Control Panel options for this add-on.

This add-on also supports Forum List Tabs by Waindigo, efficiently alerting users to tabs they have not clicked on and automatically...
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Well-known member
Hello - great addon idea. :)

A question - can you make settings, so we can set also special categories for a special user group?

eg. would be nice, if i can alert my moderators over new posts in our moderator categories, or a option to alert a moderator if new they have unread post are in there moderated categories/forum/subforum.

Jon W

Well-known member
@otto, as @stilly suggests, if you have private categories then only people who have access to those private forums should be alerted to new posts in those forums.

If you need any more than this, please drop me a PM to discuss contributing.

Thanks again @stilly for your generous contribution to have this add-on developed.