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Brent W

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Just an FYI for anyone updating to this version, the cache is a cron that only runs every 12 hours. This makes it pretty useless for the Top Posters of the day section. You can change how often the cron runs though. We have ours running every 5 minutes.


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And for those who prefer to remove the last "overall" tab:
Edit the faqe_display_top_posters_form template and remove this line:

<th>{xen:phrase faqe_overall_posters_list}</th>
as well as this:
<td><xen:if is="{$overallPosters}"> <div class="section threadList"><xen:include template="faqe_overall_posters_form" /></div> </xen:if> </td>
PS: thanks Jake Booher!
Just purchased and installed. Just wanted to verify but I excluded the administrators from being included but the Top Over Posters block still shows them whereas the other work as advertised. Is that by design?

EDIT: Disregard. I've uninstalled the add-on after finding out about the branding free removal cost.
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Will you be making a version for v2 ? I've used this for years, its a big thing on my forum - I should have checked it would work first :(