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Jon W

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Waindigo submitted a new resource:

Thread Gallery by Waindigo - Adds an alternative gallery view for some of your forums. Works great with Thumbnails by Waindigo.

This add-on adds a gallery view option to the thread list, showing all threads as side-by-side blocks.

This works great with the Thumbnails by Waindigo add-on which can show a thumbnail of the thread and has an option to include a larger thumbnail.

The gallery view can be enabled for all forums or for a specified list of forums.

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@Waindigo I love this, oh my goodness, I love this. Pairing it with Thread Thumbnails and Custom Fields is going to make magic for me!

A reviewer mentioned this:

Epi said:
Great addition to the thumbnails addon of waindigo, works like intended. Have a minor issue with mobile view considering the 3 collums stay on the same row instead of dropping down but for the rest it's pretty great.
And that is indeed an issue! Is it possible to get this adjusted? I have a lot of mobile users and it is the only thing preventing me from being able to use this brilliant mod!

Jon W

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Jon W updated Thread Gallery by Waindigo with a new update entry:

Version 1.0.1 released

New features:
  • Added style properties to allow you to change the number of columns, including different number of columns for the various responsive widths.
Bug fixes:
  • Thread title is now cut off once it becomes too big for the column to avoid it dropping onto two lines and messing up the layout.
  • Thread controls now moved onto next line and thread creator details cut off once it becomes too big to avoid messing up the layout.
  • Added some padding...
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What would be really cool, I think, is to allow variable-sized thumbnails (vs having to specify a global thumbnail size) - so you could do something like this:

Screenshot at Mar 15 22-19-25.png



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I have a suggestion: There are 3 Threads in a row. After every 3rd thread there should be a clear: both in order to have a clean design (in some cases this is really necessary). Additionally I would prefer a margin-bottom:10px (or more) on every therad block in order to have some separation.

Jon W

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