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[TH] Temporary User Changes

[TH] Temporary User Changes 1.0.1

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Jon W

Well-known member
Waindigo submitted a new resource:

Temporary User Changes by Waindigo - Allow moderators to view and/or change expiry date of temporary changes (e.g. created by warnings).

This add-on adds a two new permissions:
  • View temporary user change details
  • Edit temporary user change details
Moderators with the view permission will be able to see an extra tab in the member profile of any user who has any temporary changes made to their profile.

Temporary user changes include user groups added by warnings...
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Harpers Tate

Well-known member
This was intended to interrogate and allow amendment to be made to
temporary user changes made by OTHER areas of the system
(example: Warning Actions created by Warnings to temporarily assign users to secondary usergroups).

It's not intended to actually create temporary actions in itself.


Well-known member
@Waindigo XF 1.4 looks to have broken this (likely a template change?) and the temporary user changes no longer show which is still handy even if Warning's behaviour isn't nearly as broken now.