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[TH] New Posts Parent Link 1.0.1

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Good Morning, after installation and klick on forumhome -->
Fatal error: Class 'Waindigo_NewPostParent_Extend_XenForo_Model_Node' not found in /www/xenforo/library/XenForo/Model.php on line 195


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DeviateDefiant said:
Only slight downfall is that it creates an extra space before the comma on the category names which (at least in British English) is grammatically incorrect. "Date , Parent , Category". Unfortunately the template installed cannot remove the leading spaces so ended up resorting to some creative measures to change it. Functionally though, the mod cannot be faulted.
Waindigo said:
There is no space, this is a styling issue that occurs on the default install and style.
@DeviateDefiant @Waindigo

Could you please help me to remove the space before comma? so it looks like "Date, Parent, Category".
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