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[TH] Navigation Tabs

[TH] Navigation Tabs 1.0.0a

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Jon W

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Waindigo submitted a new resource:

Navigation Tabs by Waindigo - Adds the ability to change the display order for tabs added by other add-ons.

This add-on allows you to re-order tabs added by other add-ons without having to edit code event listeners.

The add-on allows you to set a display order for each add-on in the options screen. It also allows you to set a display order for the 'Forums' tab and, unlike editing code event listeners, the display orders will take into account any...
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So does this make it so you can rearrange the tabs at the top of the forum? like forms and resourses tabs.. and also do you need the "forums as tabs" addon for this to work?
Okay, first this is really terrific and Thank you very much!
I have it installed fine, but having trouble finding where I can now Add/Edit the tabs?

Scratch that.. Im just a blind.. erm, well you fill in the blank ;)

Im Good! (for the moment) Thanks again!


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Okay so I installed xcentrals Invitations addon which puts a "invite" tab at the top.. I dont know if its confilicting or if it doesnt work with addons installed after this addon but.. i tried to change the spot of the "invites" tab but it wont change spots it stays at the end of the tab. Can you please look into this .. thanks @Waindigo