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Jon W

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Waindigo submitted a new resource:

Language Chooser Position by Waindigo - Options to manage the Language Chooser through the Admin Control Panel


This add-on provides additional options to manage the Language Chooser through the Admin Control Panel:
  • Move the Language Chooser to extra locations
  • Allow Language Chooser on pages where it is not visible, including during account registration
  • Upload contents of upload folder to root directory, overwriting any existing files.
  • Install addon-Waindigo_LangChooserPos.xml file.
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This addon is indeed nice! :)
My issue with languages is that, English is the main, and then a user register, choose Portuguese, Ok.
But if he comes to the site later, without login he will see English (that is the default), if he logins in the account it auto-changes the main language to English, what drives me mad because he never asked for it. --'


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Ups sorry @Waindigo it's only my frustrations with the script itself, your addon is going to make it easier. ;)
Edit: don't know if that is default behavior or a bug when it changes the user language automatically.
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Aww, I thought the language chooser is then in the registration form and not hidden at the bottom.

Jon W

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You misunderstood me. I mean to display it in the form, like the Time zone.

And no I don't want to pay ;)
Fair enough, I think that should be a seperate add-on to this one as it would be made redundant by the fact the language chooser is always available anyway.


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Somehow.....the language chooser is not showing up anymore in my navbar.

in settings it is....top right, always show......but it;s gone......any clue?