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Jon W

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Jon W submitted a new resource:

Email Admin-Generated Passwords by Waindigo - Send emails with password for users created/edited in the Admin Control Panel.

When a new user is created with a password or a user's password is edited in the Admin Control Panel, this add-on sends out an email to that user to let them know their new password.

This add-on includes options to allow this to be enabled only for new or existing users or both.

Thank you to Hugh Edwards for contributing to the development of this add-on.
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Jake B.

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this add-on was open sourced quite some time ago, curently no plans to port it as a stand alone add-on to xf2, so if it is something that we rebuild it would be a feature within a larger add-on as we're really trying to avoid small single feature add-ons


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Ok thanks for the reply @Jake B. , hopefully someone like @AndyB would be interested to further develop the open sourced version of this to XF2.
I would assume its not a too complicated one to code since it does quite a simple task.

This is an essential one to our site since we keep adding new users manually during the year.
No XF2 for us without this one 😂

Jake B.

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To an extent this exists by default in XenForo 2, their implementation may suit your needs out of the box. I'm not entirely familiar with exactly what this add-on does, but I'd guess it's similar :)

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 10.23.11 AM.png


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Looks good, big thanks for that screenshot @Jake B. :)

... Or is that just for editing current member´s infos and not available when adding brand new members?