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Jon W

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Waindigo submitted a new resource:

Discussion in Library by Waindigo - Article comments - add related discussions to the bottom of your articles

This add-on allow related discussions to appear below your articles to act like a comments section.

Note you will need to have added linked threads to your library articles in order for this add-on to function properly.

Thanks to adwolf1 for contributing to the development of this add-on.
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Just in case anyone is wondering why this add-on is useful --

Right now the way the library/article add-on works by default, any associated thread is stuck behind a 'discussion' tab.

This is counter-intuitive for people who are used to reading, say, wordpress sites and seeing comments at the bottom of every article page; users frequently miss the fact that an article has a discussion area (at least my users did.)

So this add-on just brings the discussion to the bottom of each article page, instead of being hidden on a tab.

I'm working with the waindigo folks to extend the library add-on in a couple of more ways, so hopefully we can start to use it as a somewhat crude CMS, to replace the front-page of our site. Looking forward to seeing those add-ons released & seeing what everyone thinks!