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[TH] Conversations on Moderator Actions

[TH] Conversations on Moderator Actions [Paid] 1.0.5

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Automatic conversations from moderators


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Audentio Design submitted a new resource:

[TH] Conversations on Moderator Actions - Creates a conversation when a user's thread is moved, deleted or merged, or his post is deleted.

This add-on creates a conversation with a user (from the moderator) when the user's thread is moved, deleted or merged or his post is deleted. If the moderator entered a reason, the reason will also be shown in the conversation.

Optionally, an alert (instead of a conversation) can be used for threads that are moved or merged, and all options can be enabled/disabled individually in the admin control panel.
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How about add another action? like when the user post is edited?

how it work when multiple thread/post are deleted? multiple conversation or only one?