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[TH] Avatar Flags

[TH] Avatar Flags 1.0.1a

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ThemeHouse submitted a new resource:

[TH] Avatar Flags - Adds a flag icon next to a user's avatar so moderators can see poster's country.

This add-on adds a flag icon next to a user's avatar so anyone with the 'View IP' permission can easily identify the country the user was in when they made a post or profile post.

This can be useful for moderating spam messages allowing moderators to easily identify posts that are from particular countries.

Note that you must have GeoIP installed for this to work.
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If you would consider releasing a version for USA state flags I believe it would be popular. Many forum are 95%+ US based membership.
I will look into this.

I need Avatar Flags without IPs, Every User should choose his own Flag. Is this possible?
This add-on's purpose is to give moderators a way to quickly see what country a user is from based on the user's IP. Allowing the user to set their own country flag would defeat the purpose.