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Unmaintained [TH] Agree to Terms of Service 1.0.0

Force users to agree to updated TOS and site rules.

  1. Jon W

    Jon W Well-Known Member

    Waindigo submitted a new resource:

    Agree to Terms of Service by Waindigo - Force users to agree to updated TOS and site rules

    Read more about this resource...
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2014
  2. oVR

    oVR Active Member

  3. Jon W

    Jon W Well-Known Member

  4. oVR

    oVR Active Member

    Do they normally have to agree to anything the terms of service?

    Would be phenoninal if members are taken to that page when they try to make their first post and have to agree before they can continue. After they accept/agree to the ToS redirect to the previous page.
  5. Jon W

    Jon W Well-Known Member

    Members agree to the terms of service when they register, so they only see this page if the terms change.

    If the terms change, this add-on will force every member to agree whatever page they go to. When they agree, they are then taken back to whatever page they were on.
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  6. TBDragon

    TBDragon Active Member

    this what i want to know ^_^

    so when i install it and change any thing

    this will directly apply for old users and for those will register a new account will see this also while they register right ?!
  7. oVR

    oVR Active Member

    I feel that this add-on would be extremely useful if it also had it so that users would have the same kind of agreement/acceptance before they can post on the forums.

    Im a hardcore forum warrior and i don't ever take the time to read through a tos or rules b/c they are always buried away somewhere and honestly i don't personally care for them.

    However as a webmaster/admin I want the members to be aware of what isnt allowed on the site but need to make it a somewhat forceful way for them to see it.

    A simple "click the button to agree to the tos" like you have here would be great.

    Even a notice for members that didn't agree to the rules/tos yet to remind them to do so before they are allowed to participate.
  8. Jon W

    Jon W Well-Known Member

    When a user registers, there is already a box they have to tick to say they have read the terms and rules.

  9. oVR

    oVR Active Member

    eh, I prefer it more like you have here. To be taken to the page and have an "I agree" button on the bottom.
  10. Jon W

    Jon W Well-Known Member

    If you want it to apply to all new members, you can just change line 19 of library/Waindigo/AgreeTermsOfServ/Extend/XenForo/DataWriter/User.php from:
    'default' => 0
    'default' => 1
    You may want to change some of the phrases though to make it work properly. I'm not sure if it would work entirely error free.

    If you'd like me to add it as a proper feature, please PM me to discuss cost.
  11. Chucke

    Chucke Member

    Where can I edit the page it sends the visitor to after they agree and continue?
  12. Jon W

    Jon W Well-Known Member

    Search for agreetermsofserv in templates and phrases, edit as required.
  13. Chucke

    Chucke Member

    Where, by default, is it supposed to take the visitor? We didn't change anything and it takes us to a non existent page?
  14. Jon W

    Jon W Well-Known Member

    See the screenshot in the add-on overview. The route to this page would be account/terms
  15. ogirginc

    ogirginc Active Member

    Does it support 1.4?
  16. squirrly

    squirrly Active Member

    Is it possible to apply this to selected user groups?
  17. ogirginc

    ogirginc Active Member

    Not at the moment.
  18. Embeddedfoo

    Embeddedfoo Member

    I run xf 1.3.2. and have a custom terms of use (URL registered in Admin CP...Options...Basic Board Info). This add-on didn't seem to have any effect. Does it detect changes in custom ToU?

  19. Grizzly Adam

    Grizzly Adam Active Member

    Just installed and sent out my first updated terms of service, seems to work like a charm.
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  20. Bethk84

    Bethk84 Member

    Hi, is this compatable with 1.5?

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