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TaigaChat - AJAX Shoutbox 0.5.5

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Teddy Scott

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Also I would like to be able to minimize the chat window, or maybe remove the scroll bars?


You can shorten the height of the chat window in ACP > Home > Options > Taigachat - Shoutbox Height
No idea about how to do away with the scrollbars. I suppose if you tweaked the settings so that the height and visible messages were low it might perhaps accomplish that?

But yes, it would also be nice to be able to minimize the chat window altogether. Anyone?

Teddy Scott

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my site crashed as I am working on that issue now as I cannot see the acp now..
But IIRC this only will raise and lower the chat window on the side bar....Not the full chat window itself on the main page... I was able to raise the height when you click on the chat tab and get the chat page...but not the on the portal page itself..... Hope I am making some sense..


Thinking about using this addon but not as a general shoutbox but rather as a chat system for live streams. Anyone know if its possible to use this addon with XenAtendo Events?
I would like it to be placed under the stream that is posted when creating an event.
I really hope this is possible, *crosses fingers*.

EDIT: I just ticked the box in this addons options to work throughout all pages then placed the template code in events addon and it works a charm. Sweet:)


I think maybe something went wrong with installation or I'm just being silly but I can't figure out how to delete messages.:confused:

EDIT: It seems I don't have that little arrow icon displayed so I can't moderate anything. Anyone know why it's not displaying?

EDIT 2: Just figured it out. Tick "Always show message dropdown" box in options.


i guess it can't be done??

I may or may not know the answer but TBH, I really didn't understand your question, Teddy. Sorry. Maybe you could reword, rephrase and be a little more specific.

One thing in particular where you lost me is why you wanted to get rid of the scrollbar in the first place. Esthetics, maybe? Otherwise, I guess I don't see the point.

And also, will mention it yet again - does anyone have suggestions on if there could be an option / template modification made to close or minimize the shouter for those users who don't want to have it display all the time?



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How do you put Taiga Chat on every page??

Is there anyway to get it to refresh in real time?


I think everyone who love a new update bro'.

Suggestions :

- ban feature
- notice system
- prune / clear command
- and do not make all the forum lagg when it's fetching for messages onFocus


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In the navigation tab, would it be possible to display the number of people currently active in the shoutbox with an ajax type box or something similar?
Screen Shot 2012-05-09 at 7.58.34 PM.png


I have tried to put it on other pages as described in the OP, but it only seems to work on the forum_list template. Any ideas why?

I made sure global hook was enabled, opened up PAGE_CONTAINER and added
<xen:include template="dark_taigachat"><xen:set var="$taigachat_alt">1</xen:set></xen:include>

                        <xen:hook name="page_container_notices">
                        <xen:include template="notices" />                     

I've tried adding it within hooks, tried adding new hooks, etc. I'm a newb at xenforo, but I'm not completely unfamiliar with coding.


Nevermind, solved it. It doesn't like to have its template called from within PAGE_CONTAINER, but I just stuck the code on forum_view and thread_view, which is really all I needed. :)


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is there any way to show in sidebar how many users are active in chatbox right now ?
A list of username would be good :)