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Yeah, can we please have this "fixed"? I don't think you guys intended it to be that way :p
I guess releasing an update just for this may not be the best approach, so here:

.messageMeta .control {
color: #000;

create a template like tactical_light_extra.css and include it in the General settings for Tactical Light. Add that line in.


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Default colour for text is white. I fixed it in a lot of places but not on the responsive version, can't inspect element there. Alerts on mobile and stuff. What CSS should I add to extra.css to fix the links being in #FFFFFF instead of a dark grey or black?
No problem. :)

By the way, the "Show sidebar icons" option needs a fix :)

.sidebar .section .primaryContent h3, .sidebar .section .secondaryContent h3, .profilePage .mast .section.infoBlock h3{padding-left:18px;}
.sidebar .section .primaryContent h3:before, .sidebar .section .secondaryContent h3:before, .profilePage .mast .section.infoBlock .secondaryContent h3:before{margin-right:4px;}
This code seems to fix it somewhat properly :)
Also, for removing that dumb WoW background, open xenforo.css and delete this line from the html tag: background: @pageBackground url('js/audentio/ad_styler/2.1/images/tactical/wow.jpg') no-repeat 50% 0;


Mike Creuzer

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Mike Creuzer updated Tactical Light with a new update entry:

Huge Update

Hi all,

We'd like to apologize for the time it took to get this update out. Due to the nature of how we've done releases in the past, we got stuck in a backlog of UI.X bugs that we were not content with releasing. We wanted to wait until we got all the issues knocked out. So here we are. All bugs reported to us have been addressed!We did the very best we could to make this as stable a release as possible, but very important that you:
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