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whitesky submitted a new resource:

Source (+ 4 Theme Presets) - A soft digital inspired style bundle with four presets, animated slideshow, HTML widgets and more!

Source – A Digitally Inspired Xenforo Theme Bundle

Source is a clean, dark and minimal style for Xenforo 2. Using a soft color palette and modern UI, Source is a digital inspired theme designed around technology and coding. With powerful customization options to create the theme you want, Source is an excellent theme for any tech trend — coding & programming, web hosting, block-chain, network security and more...
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Hi, If you use Google AdSense Code as Widgets or if you use Ads Manager 2 by Siropu with Google AdSense Code you will got

Default style

Source - Classic


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Hi, thanks for posting that screenshot and that looks to be a very odd bug. I will check this on my dev installations right away and see if I can reproduce this.
Is it happening in any particular browser for you?


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Do you get all the images with it or must you buy them extra (from a third party)?
Hi Jason, sorry I was away over the weekend. The images are all stock photos and are not included in the theme package itself. Rather the theme ships with all stock linked in from external hosting, as they are meant to be replaced with custom content when setting up your site.
Hope this helps :)


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Have not received any emails... I saw on your site the 2.0 version and I went ahead and bought it. I guess the link from Xenforo resources is going to the wrong item. Any chance for a refund on the 1.5 version?



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Got it - I had not seen that you put in two orders, as my original emails mentioned that I could switch the license for you. No worries as I fully refunded your order for the XF1 version.

Thanks also for bringing to attention the incorrect product link, which I've just fixed. For the hassle feel free to use this coupon on any product:

Let me know if you have any other issue regarding the XF2 version or your order,