Some sort of flag we can display when a user has recently updated their information (scam prevention via data breaches)


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With the number of data breaches that are happening in the ecommerce world, we've seen a recent uptick in scammers searching for username / password combinations that have been leaked, then coming onto our forums and committing fraud via paypal friends & family.

What we've seen happen is that someone's profile will be compromised, their information changed, and the scammer will then post an ad in our for sale areas for a highly desirable item. They will tell multiple people that it's available, have them send paypal and then continue until they are caught.

Is there a way to have someone put into a member group or have a flag displayed if they've changed their information in the last, say, 72 hours?

Even the ability to have them added to a custom user group for 3 days via the promotions system would help. Something, anything, that we can have show up saying "Hey, this user's info was altered in the last few hours, be careful"
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Xon, can you clarify, with your 2FA detection does this check to see if the user's password is compromised every time someone logs in using it?


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Yes. On login it will check if the password hash matches known compromised passwords via haveibeenpwned. And if matches, sends and alert or optionally forces 2FA to be enabled.


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My (free) add-on password tools has breeched password detection (via haveibeenpwned), and can force email 2fa if no 2fa is configured when this condition is detected on login.

This is a fantastic add-on, I've had feedback that it reported user's passwords were potentially leaked, so they immediately changed it to something new.
Thank you for this @Xon