XF 2.2 Skipping/Wiping out an extension's function


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I'm not sure of the terminology of this, but I'll try my best to explain.

CoreClass: filter()
return ['a']
result = ['a']

AddonA: extends CoreClass: filter()
$parent = parent::filter();
$parent[] = 'b';
return $parent;
result = ['a', 'b']

AddonB: extends AddonA: filter()
$parent = parent::filter();
$parent[] = 'c';
return $parent;
result = ['a', 'b', 'c']

Ok this is simple enough - however what if I want to totally skip over AddonA's filter function so the result will just be ['a', 'c']?

I guess I could disable the extension of AddonA, but I wondered if there is a better way to do this, so I could then package this up as an addon and not need people to muck about with things...