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Silvertails MVP (Most valuable player/Man of the Match) System [Paid] 1.2

Most Valuable Player/Man of the match voting system

  1. Dannymh

    Dannymh Active Member

    Dannymh submitted a new resource:

    Silvertails MVP (Most valuable player/Man of the Match) System - Most Valuable Player/Man of the match voting system

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  2. Dannymh

    Dannymh Active Member

    Dannymh updated Silvertails MVP (Most valuable player/Man of the Match) System with a new update entry:

    Silvertails Player of the year (MVP) 1.2

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  3. PetersWeb

    PetersWeb Member

    I am currently trialing this add-in on my site and it looks great!

    Is it possible to change the 3-2-1 voting to 5-4-3-2-1 to allow for a greater spread of votes?
  4. Dannymh

    Dannymh Active Member

    At this point no, the math and routines I built in order to add 3-2-1 voting broke my brain, I was going to allow for custom scoring ranges and points but it just kept bugging out on me.

    I can look into adding a 5-1 voting addition in the future if you like
  5. PetersWeb

    PetersWeb Member

    I appreciate the effort involved. If you could provide a 5 to 1 option, that would be great!
  6. PetersWeb

    PetersWeb Member

    Hi. I'm having some difficulty setting up my season. I have uninstalled and then reinstalled the plug-in but still receive the following error in my error log:

    I have some players listed (selected as "Active" and "Useable" however, when I go to the generated game thread, I only see a message stating that no players are available.

    Any suggestions on how to get this working again?
  7. Dannymh

    Dannymh Active Member

    Ok so a few things

    1 - PM me the details (a login who has permission to edit/add seasons and URL) I will login and take a look
    2 - How did you set up the season Process should be
    Manage Seasons >> Add Season >> Add Players (make active and useable) >> Add Game >> Create Game Thread
    Let me know and I will take a look
  8. PetersWeb

    PetersWeb Member

    Thanks for the quick support @Dannymh

    All fixed and working thanks to you!
  9. Dannymh

    Dannymh Active Member

    Glad I can help. I am starting work on a new plugin this week, its going to be a "Weakest Link" style MVP, where you vote out the worst player each week :)
  10. PetersWeb

    PetersWeb Member

    Will that be a separate plugin or will it incorporated into the the MVP plugin as an extra option?
  11. PetersWeb

    PetersWeb Member

    Hey @Dannymh - I have some other issues which I've recently encountered that I hope you can assist me with:
    • When I click on the "View Votes" link on any closed round, I'm sent to a page with the message, "No Data is currently available, bear with us whilst we continue to add content for you"
    • I am using the Basic scoring system and have 1 player who finished in 2nd place in week 1 and in 1st place in week 4, but only has 2 points in the overall standings. That is the most glaring example, but there are other players who should have more points in the overall standings.
    • Is there a way for non-admin users to view member votes for each round?
    • Also, the error log has quite a few errors like, "Undefined offset: 0 - library/Silvertails/Mvp/ControllerPublic/App.php:71". Sometimes it refers to App.php:100 or 44
    Let me know if you need any further information from me.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2016
  12. Dannymh

    Dannymh Active Member


    Any chance I can get a copy of your xf_st_mvp* tables so I can take a look at it on my local test machine?

    The offset issue I just fixed the other day so I'll send you that fix at the same time as I fix these things, I'll probably have to do a new release for a few things here I would say.

    If you can extract those tables and data and then zip them up and pm them to me I'll take a look. Also if you can indicate the players that are not placing right.

    Also have you closed off the rounds?
  13. PetersWeb

    PetersWeb Member

    Thanks again for your help @Dannymh! Your solution has fixed all of issues

    Wonderful support!
  14. DelmoreSkag

    DelmoreSkag New Member

    Hey @Dannymh , is this compatible with Xenforo 1.5?
  15. Dannymh

    Dannymh Active Member

    Yes I use it on my version which is 1.5.11
  16. DelmoreSkag

    DelmoreSkag New Member

    Hey mate,

    I just purchased it and tried to set it up but I can't get it working.

    When I click 'generate voting thread' it just creates a normal thread with none of the stuff from the addon. From what I can see, I've got it setup correctly.

    Let me know if you need more info.
  17. Dannymh

    Dannymh Active Member

    Sounds like you haven't setup the thread prefix under admin options, it uses this to trigger the voting code.

    Send me access to your board and admin access and I'll double-check
  18. DelmoreSkag

    DelmoreSkag New Member

    That was the tidbit of information I needed to troubleshoot it, cheers!

    I had the prefix set up but I hadn't set up the permissions for it. Works perfectly now.

    p.s. Go Cowboys!
  19. PetersWeb

    PetersWeb Member

    One of my users has reported the following:

    I've checked the database table st_mvp_votes, and found these entries against his user id:


    I've asked him to let me know what browser he is using and will update this when possible.

    Two questions:
    1. Can you think of a reason this is happening?
    2. If I delete the 3 rows in the table shown above, will it allow him to see the voting options?
    Thanks again for a great product!
  20. Dannymh

    Dannymh Active Member

    Deleting those from the table will allow them to vote.

    There is no way that you can vote unless you click on the vote button making a selection will not trigger the vote button unless you have coded for this somehow in JS

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