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Rotate - Easily rotate any attached image in a post.

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Easily rotate any attached image in a post.

Attached images sometime are...

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Many people like myself are already using PHP 7.x.x where ImageMagick is long gone. Are you ever going to be able to come up with a new way of making this add-on work without ImageMagick, etc.?
Hi @AndyB,

I like the idea of this Add-on and it works fine. But I would suggest to add an option to allow users to edit their own uploads.

Cause uploading the pictures in wrong orientation happens very often in my forum. They would like to have an option to rotate the image without asking the admin. Could you add this option?

There is a setting within php that ensures that images are displayed using data from the uploading device.
I had this same problem but don't have access to the details at the moment.

If no one gets back to you I'll look for it tonight

I can't actually get this to work even for me as an administrators on one of my own images.
Rotate is there as an option, and loads another page when prompted, and even remembers if you have experimented with that image and rotated it,


but when you "Return to post", the image is just the same as before.
Normally this adfon makes no problem.
Now i have one pic in a first post as .jpeg.
The addon works, i see the rotated thumb, but the pic in the post is not rotated.
Any idea?
From the looks of it, that’s not going to work with any XenForo filesystem adapter. It should be using XenForo’s abstracted filesystem calls to read a file. The local filesystem is simply the one XenForo uses by default.
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