Replacing Chatbox with Discord server


Hi all, did anyone have a Chatbox addon previously and replace it with a Discord - if so what were your experiences? was it a smooth transition?
Or does anyone have a forum with both a Chatbox and a Discord? or is a Chatbox superior to Discord in your experience?

Our forum has a much loved Chatbox that regular members really like ad has been a feature of the site for many years. In addition regular users need a certain number of posts before they get access to Chatbox.

However some other members have migrated towards Discord - this has pros and cons asa Discord offers more functionality but also more difficult to moderate.
We are probably going to with an initial plan of having both a Chatbox and a Discord add on but that would be essentially duplicating functionality for the same purpose.

Would be keen to hear other people's experiences


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I've seen some forums have both. I only have the chat, and I wonder if I'm missing out on something. The biggest competitor I have is a Discord server.


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I wouldn't. Discord is competition

So many times I get disgruntled users (that have no clue how difficult it is running a forum well for everyone) set up their own discord and try to get people to migrate over there. Anyone can create their own discord in a few seconds.