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At Xf1.x I'm using this addon for turning "normal" links into affiliate ones:
Asked @SneakyDave, but has no plans to update it at the moment :(
@ThemeHouse and @Mike Creuzer has something similar also at XF1.x:
Affiliate Links
  1. Prefix/suffix for URL
  2. Find/replace text in URL
  3. URL Cloaking
  4. URL Encoding
  5. Link Criteria
    1. Domain matches/doesn't match string
    2. Domain extension matches/doesn't match string
    3. Reference link matches/doesn't match
  6. User Criteria
But no news about an upgrade.

I know @AndyB made an Affiliate Addon, but that "only" adds an affiliate ID to the end of URLs.

So if you also want this addon for Xf2.x and/or if you know if someone is going to develope it... comment here :)
It has been implemented in the upcoming Beta 5.

Cool. The main thing for me is to retain a link that doesn't look straight up like an affiliate link. So keeping the affiliate tag hidden in the html only is best for me otherwise it looks a bit tacky.
I have added an option that displays the original link but opens the affiliate link when clicked.
I can't seem to find what the 4 link building methods are. This is pretty much the addon that I was looking for but I want to make sure that all my affiliate link setups can be implemented.
Can you please detail or PM me the demo?

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