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Steve F

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Qwk86gn submitted a new resource:

Refresh (version 1.1.3) - Nice light style good for any site.

Here we have a nice light style good for any site. Default layouts once again fairly lite with only a few images and very little CSS changes all done via the EXTRA.css template.

Installation: Instructions in the README.txt within the download.

Contributers: Shelley for the use of her quicknav.psd...
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Rho Delta

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.navTabs .navTab.PopupClosed .navLink:hover
    color: @textCtrlBackground;
For the above do the same as you did for the other in EXTRA.css

Style Properties -> Popup Menus -> Popup Control (open)
Still using your style since you first helped me customize it. I may have some more questions for you to help tweak a few details that are bugging me a little. Thanks!!!


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Will this style work with xF 1.3?, if not currently, will it be updated to accommodate?

We'll update all of our styles come the "stable and supported" version of 1.3.

With that said I think this template should only have an outdated footer template.

Steve F

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I did not update the title, even then style Titles and descriptions are not overwritten. As long as the zip was 1.3.0 and the CHANGELOG.txt corresponds then your set.

Edit: Sorry misunderstood what you were saying. Should be fixed now.
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Wow, this style was tucked away. Looks brilliant. Could this please be updated to latest xenforo please?
I have looked and looked for the perfect style, seems the ones i want have updates from 2014.
Would this be safe to use on xenforo 1.5?