Recommended Ad Networks


Greetings forum friends,

I'm after any recommendations for decent ad networks / ad setups that have worked well on your forums.

I've been using Adsense for many many years and while it has been good to me in times past, the rates I'm now getting are brutal to say the least.

I've encountered at least one ad agency recently that doesn't want to work with forum content, (which I believe is quite typical sadly among some of the more popular 'good rates' agencies).

So, recommendations for or against would be greatly appreciated. Look forward to hearing your tales!

PS the target market is UK with a reasonable dash of US.

Mr. Jinx

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Exactly, Adsense is fine for small & medium sites.
If you have a lot of visitors (>100k/month), then there are ad companies that can do better, but they will still use something like Adsense and other ad systems as backend.

There is no magic better alternative.


Thank you both for your input. I'm aware many promise and few deliver! I've tried a few over the years.

Just wondering if anyone has any personal suggestions or stories of success. The site is of moderate size - between 1-2million PV/month