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Raffles for XenForo 2.x [Paid] 2.0.5

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That would be correct and you haven't missed anything.

Let's say the raffle costs 1 credit per entry and like your raffle limited the user to 2 entries. Then "You have enough credits to enter this raffle 2 times" were displayed, Users that know they have 11 credits would complain that the information is wrong and they have enough to enter 11 times. But, they are limited to 2 times.

It's a semantic problem where 1/2 the people will complain it's wrong and 1/2 will say it's right.
yeah can see it from both sides now. Thanks for the update.


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Thanks for the addon. A suggestion : add a field where we can see the total participants to a raffle (in raffle list, and raffle view).
You can already do that in the admin area when you view entries there.

It's not in the public area because for some reason, people tend not to enter a raffle when they see the number of entries there. They don't care about a list of names, but the number seems to bother them.