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While this is not an English forum, I decided to post it here to exhibit the website style designed by myself.
It imitates the 2004 NewvBB style (original designer: 007pig).
(NewvBB is a famous modded+nulled version of vBulletin 3.0.x around 2004.)
My imitation target is its variant used in CS-CN gaming forum:

I was initially redesigning this style from scratch for my purchased vBulletin 3.8.11 using latest HTML5 codes. I even remastered all icon pictures in SVG format.

However, I found that my preference of vBulletin 3.x (with latest PHP + MySQL) looks awkward in vBulletin.org forum, making vBulletin 5 devs feel sick.

After doing some personal investigation with a nulled XenForo 2 release for 2 days, there came my strong decision to give up using vBulletin. I immediately purchased my XenForo copy for my website.
It is a pretty new experience to me coding new theme for XenForo 2, regardless some limitations like customizing status logo icons for nodes, etc.
Still, I wonder how the vertical postbit style (inherited from vBulletin 3) is regarded by web users in current years.
Feel free to share your comments to my XF style.
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Thanks. I miss the HTML5 moderator dropdown menu feature I made in the same style for vB 3.8, wondering whether there's a way to reimplement it into my current style for XF2.

(The vB 3.8 version of this style is not going to be finished due to my decision of stop spending my time with vB. Here comes my remastered vB3 icons for the style: https://github.com/ShikiSuen/vbb3-icon-svg )


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I am updating this theme's design. I put the staffbar into the nav bar but found that this only looks good in Chinese.
English words are longer, taking more horizontal spaces. I am considering using icons in lieu of texts.
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