[OzzModz] Widget: Forum Threads Images Slider

[OzzModz] Widget: Forum Threads Images Slider 2.0.1 Patch Level 1

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where can i find the options to edit this widget? where in ACP is this located?
All widget settings are located on the add/edit page for this widget. Except one global setting in admin.php?options/groups/ozzmodz_wftis/.
can this plugin be made compatible with the tmdb movies and tv plugins you make?
These add-ons have their own slider widget
Is it also possible to get the first image to show between thee IMG tag instead of an attachment?
This add-on is not designed for this and it is a bad idea - parsing messages is resource-intensive and we cannot be sure that the IMG links are valid.
Hi, thanks for your work!

I like the idea and i am using it, to show images of one article type node. Images have different sizes and width/height ratio.

Is it possible, to have some sort of auto resize, which keeps the image ratio? Like the XFMG: Media slider widget does.

That's how it looks at the moment (URL: https://messerforum.net/)

Settings are
Image width: auto
Image height: 170px

Tried some other values, but did not work, as a i would like.

Thanks for help!

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