[OzzModz] Verify Email Before Registration

[OzzModz] Verify Email Before Registration [Paid] 2.0.8

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[OzzModz] Verify Email Before Registration - Verify email before registering

With this addon you can make users verify their email before they fill out the registration form. This can be helpful to not have a bunch of unverified users laying around.

Clicking on the register link will show users a popup like this:
View attachment 244846

Once they enter an email, and click on verify, they see this:
View attachment 244845

The email the user gets with the code looks like this:
View attachment 244847


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this might help with spam registrations as well, will this work with UIX Pro from themehouse?
Also will this make the google recaptcha not function?
or after they verify the on the next page they they still need to click on recaptcha to login ?
Hello again So I was going to buy your mod but on your website / forum your asking for validation API ? I don't understand what this is used for, are you using this to check your mods if used on the sites we have lic for and if so what information are you acquiring and where is the policy for this. also I use another script unrelated to Xenforo - they have the same for updating their mods and news they add in ACP area, but once or twice we found that slowed our site down by us allowing this connection back n forth. they had a bug and it affected that sites performance. so we removed that part with the devs and now we have not had that issue any longer.

So wondering if there is any back n forth and after we send this API via your site, can we change it after installation so not to interfere with our site in anyway.

also wondering how do we get you this api I have lic obviously with Xenforo but when I log in to my Xenforo I see my lic ID but no api

thanks wanted to buy this and your spamminator as well but need more info please ?
Great add-on but in my testing I found that if the user typos the verification code, the add-on emails the user another verification code and clears the page rather than giving them the opportunity to correct the typo. Is that by design???

in our country is PayPal and their CreditCard Payment Gateway not avalible, do you got alternative payment solution ?
I am unable to replicate it on your site as well, I successfully registered using the link from the email and did not get errors like you have encountered.
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