[OzzModz] User Registration Referrer Log

[OzzModz] User Registration Referrer Log 2.0.0 Patch Level 1

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[OzzModz] User Registration Referrer Log - Store referrer information of your new users

XF 2.2+

Store referrer information of your new users

  • Creating a log record with referrer information when registering a user
  • Option to force approval to users with empty referer or from specified domains
  • Displaying referer info in user approval queue
  • Log page in admin panel with search
  • Automatic and manual log cleanup

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View attachment 284284


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Thanks alot.

How much is being detected? As for my simple thoughts with https the concept of being able to track referers has ended ?
This just tells you what page on your site they came from. It's more of a tool to find users with no referrer, which means they are likely bots.
Great addon, but would it be possible to check the referrer at session start?
It could be beneficial to get the external referrer than the last internal url.
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