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Ozzy47 submitted a new resource:

[OzzModz] User Ignore Extended - Improved user ignoring system by content type

XenForo 2.2.0+


Improved user ignoring system by content type (like in IPB) and admin management (listing and adding users ignore each other)

  • Ignoring user by content or action type. Currently supported posts and threads, conversations, mention alers (from any content)
  • New ACP section with: list of ignored user, edit and delete, adding users to force ignore each others

- XF 2.2+...

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@Ozzy47 - with this addon does it allow me as an admin to force to members to ignore each other?

If so, do they see that they ignore each other in the ignore list?


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@Lee, yes, they will see that they ignore each other.
Unfortunately, currently we cannot hide it without overriding most of XF's functions and breaking compatibility with other add-ons.


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I’ve never understood the need to force uses to ignore each other, IMO tell whoever is Butt hurt to get over themselves.
The user people want to ignore is in their own little world and blissfully unaware people might have issue with her. I'd like to keep it that way if possible.


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Neither proxy nor vpn. Austrian greatest provider, I don't believe that A1 ist blacklisted.


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It's good, but would be super helpful if the quote box message which shows an ignored user posted content, we could disable the ability to click and read that content. We use this as an admin tool to shut down warring members. It does a good job disappearing their own posts but some options for when their content is quoted would be perfect.


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Ozzy, the ignored user also will be unable to react to posts? Considering that all content will be "hided".

And with all my sincerity, you have another add-on that does the same thing but I cannot find the option to enable the user X user ignore system on that one: