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Nicolas FR

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Hello, is the thread has already a prefix, is it removed or there will be two prefixes ? original + solved.


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Is a rebuild-operation somehow setting the prefix currently ?

I ask because I migrated from LiamW's addon and the existing prefix got removed by disabling LIam's addon. The threads were migrated with the proper status but the prefix was not.
Currently I'd need to manually toggle each solution to have the prefix set which is something I'd want to avoid.

Thanks a lot


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Don't worry.
It turned out that I could re-run the migration rebuild-task (after enabling Liam's addon again) and that did apply the tag in all threads . (Actually I then had them shown twice but disabling Liam's again all sorted things out perfectly).


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Question on this - will this prefix override other prefixes or will at act as a secondary prefix without changing the prefix that's already set for the thread?