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[OzzModz] Simple Stats [Paid] 2.0.0

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Thanks @Painbaker for the export function, sweet! If I can make a suggestion, the ability to format the export a bit (like make usernames clickable in the table or change the width of the table).


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Ozzy47 updated [OzzModz] Simple Stats with a new update entry:

[OzzModz] Simple Stats 2.2+ Update 2.0.0

  • General code refactor
  • Make query options more flexible
  • Make options row collapsible
  • Updated minimal XF version: 2.2
  • Fix: update browser URL state on stats input change
  • Added new statistic: user reported count
  • Added new statistic: user report assigned count
  • Added new statistic: XFRM Resource update count
  • Added new statistic: XFRM User rating count

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