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Painbaker submitted a new resource:

[PB] React as User - React to content as another user

React to content as another user

Supported content types:

  • Posts
  • Profile posts & comments
  • Xenforo Resource Manager resources & updates
  • Xenforo Media Gallery items & comments

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Please add some more functions to this add-on!
All these functions "... as user" help or should help to save clicks and time.

But here we dont have the usual functions like in "Post as user";
the stuff needs a list with usernames, and also a function to save it.

The stuff can not work with that add-on now!
It needs too much of my time.

Normally this function should be docked to "post as user";
when "Moderator Sabrina" is saved as "post user" then all reactions should be done in her name also.

If you dont like it, than maybe add the save function in the form [ ] save user for future (until changed ) again.

Thank you, very much.
Please add something to make this add-on usable.
To react is nothing, where we should open a form and type a name.

To react means one click! Always one click!

If someone needs this to fake reactions from a lot of users, he is maybe happy with this.

But an Admin who has also a normal user account wants to work as admin (means logged in as admin) but behaves like a normal user.
Like the admin has no opinion on anything, but the person behind the admin has opinions and wants to react.

Option: Choose one user for reactions to have the usual one-click-reactions instead of form and field.
Gan you please changecthe behaviour of this addon to makecthe sameclike postAsUser?
From my point of view this addon makes no sensevlikecit is now. I want to rate 100 posts a day as userx instead of user admin.
This is not possible now, because it would take my too much time.

Please change this addon, and maybe add an option to react moderated posts also.

Thank you very much.
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