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[OzzModz] Latest Activity Widget [Paid] 2.0.1 Patch Level 1

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Been going through your addons page and I keep finding more and more things to bookmark! :p

Had something similar in our XF1 setup but couldn’t find an alternative until now, very glad I found this as it was a very popular feature.
Finally got around to setting this up, pretty happy with it so far but I do have a couple of minor things I'd love to see at some point :)

  1. Pretty sure the answer is no, but is there currently any way to change the character limit for post content? I'd personally prefer two, maybe three lines worth of text at most per activity item so that we can include more feed entries in the same amount of vertical space. Currently, even a limit of 3 entries takes up a pretty large chunk of the sidebar and things can easily get buried:
    It would be even better if that limit could be set separately for different content types - though I understand that adds further complexity. In my opinion it'd look a bit cleaner and put more emphasis on real content if reactions either did not include post content at all, or only the first line or so, though again that is down to personal preference.
  2. I remember the widget we used in XF1 having a scrollable display option where the feed was a self-contained box you could scroll through, that way you could load in say, 20 items before having the user clicking to show more without taking up more sidebar real estate. This one's just something I thought was neat.
@Ozzy47 what‘s up! I selected the nodes to exclude but new threads and posts in that forum still show. Maybe I’m doing it wrong.
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