[OzzModz] Ignore Server Errors From Log

[OzzModz] Ignore Server Errors From Log [Paid] 2.0.2

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[OzzModz] Ignore Server Errors From Log - Ignore known errors from log

We all get them from time to time, the dreaded server error log. They are shown on the index and are difficult to know what is known and what is a new error.

Well this addon solves that. Now if you have server errors, you can add it to the ignore list and it will no longer show up in the count. This makes identifying any new server errors more easily identifiable.

ACP Index Example:
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Note the count number. This is a...

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New install on XF 2.2.5 I'm seeing this with 5 server errors (errors unrelated to this add-on)


Uninstalled, reinstalled, same.
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